Bonnie Low-Kramen ‘Assistants Taking The Lead in Today’s Workplace’

Bonnie leads the day with this two part session:  As the backbone of companies and the right arms to their managers, it is increasingly necessary for assistants to step up as leaders within their roles. This highly interactive presentation is designed to develop and fine-tune the mindset, confidence, and tools needed to succeed with the most challenging job description. Using input from the attendees, the workshop will focus on the soft skills necessary to excel as an assistant including leadership, communication techniques and problem-solving strategies.

When assistants are empowered to take the lead in collaboration with their managers, the potential for increased productivity and professional growth is limitless.  Bonnie walked this road as the Personal Assistant to Oscar-winning actress Olympia Dukakis for 25 years. She will share “been there, done that” work/life experiences to provide real-life tools to succeed at the highest level.